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@meladyesha: For the ones showing concerns as to where I'm lost; I'm in pakistan lol. Thank you for the concerns I so appreciate It 😍 It was due to a family emergency. Thankfully all good now so will be looking forward to stay here for another 10 days, happy days (hopefully) 😍 Any suggestions which places I should visit in  #Pakistan ??? @Meladyesha 💋 - Also dying to write another great DIY blog post for you guys. What do you want me to write next??? - - -  #blogposts  #londonblog  #diyblog  #beautybloh  #trip  #pakistan  #planes  #jets  #emirates  #landing  #dubai  #mydubai  #londonblogger  #bloggerslondon  #pakistanbeautysociety  #pakistanblogger
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Very beautiful
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@k_alk3bi555 [19.10.2017 07:10:46]
Great page!
@ashia564 [19.10.2017 07:10:51]
Looks great !!!
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Soooooo coooool!
@ali1110063 [19.10.2017 07:16:49]
Wow nice
@komal_mirza786 [19.10.2017 07:24:39]
Azaad kashmir is beautiful place ... full of greenery and nature ... do visit there 😊😊😍😍
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