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@mypurposeismyson: Never let a bad day or week get in your way. Theres always a solution to your problems. Sink or swim or just run with the waves! My car AC broke down on me and the mechanic wants an arm and a leg to fix it but I found a better solution and for a fraction of the cost. I went to  #autozone 🙌🤗I'll be back at the beach in no time and my bad day is not so bad anymore. @birdmeow you can too!  #beach  #longboatkey  #sarasota  #coastalliving  #coastallife  #beachlovers  #paradise  #southwestflorida  #happyplace  #smile  #beautiful  #beachday  #beachplease  #instabeach  #loveflorida  #lovefl  #wanderlust  #mermaid  #beachlife  #paradise  #lifeisbetteratthebeach  #naturelovers  #cartrouble  #instagood  #gulfofmexico  #igersflorida
@birdmeow [19.10.2017 12:03:57]
My engine is cracked lol.. my problem will cost me a new car lol , my car can brake down any given time.. but yeah you only live once.. happy to be
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@mypurposeismyson [19.10.2017 12:06:39]
@birdmeow I'm so sorry honey😢 I thought about trading it in but I don't have much left for the payoff so this was a big relief. Let's meet up sometime next week while you're here. Call me!
@birdmeow [19.10.2017 12:07:55]
@mypurposeismyson I’d love to:)) wish money fell from the sky so I could buy a new car.. would be so nice to feel safe!!
@lisbethg10_ [19.10.2017 12:10:46]
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@mypurposeismyson [19.10.2017 12:11:21]
@birdmeow I wish it did too! But now that you put it out there, maybe the universe will answer!🤑☺️ You will find a way to get a replacement. New or used, I know you'll find one. I have a friend selling her truck fro $2500. Let me know if you're interested.
@birdmeow [19.10.2017 12:13:14]
I’m looking for low mileage.. fuel efficient.. low cost maintenance.. preferably a Honda😀
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@mypurposeismyson [19.10.2017 12:20:23]
@birdmeow Thank makes sense because you will drive everywhere like me. Good luck my friend and I hope to see you soon😘
@alllyycat [19.10.2017 15:13:40]
Beautiful!!! Our car A/C never has worked so we’ve been melting all year 💪🏻
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@mypurposeismyson [19.10.2017 16:05:20]
@alllyycat Thanks! You are tough to deal. It's too unbearable for me especially after being on the beach. I also have to sit in my car for 30-40 minutes a day for school pick up. I'm glad it's getting cooler now so it's not so bad. Stay cool!
@hansfrey [20.10.2017 04:20:32]
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