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@lisajaynept2016: Last night was a great confidence booster. 😊 for so long I've been wrapped up in looking at all the bodies on instagram not feeling good enough constantly comparing myself to the lean athletic, muscle physics.πŸ˜” I find this makes you give up, because you feel like it's impossible. So you keep back tracking. everyone's bodies are unique. You have to embrace yours. When you become a personal trainer it's so easy to get wrapped up in consistently wanting to be better. Never feeling good enough. Being told your not good enough is another one πŸ–• Always wanting less body fat and more definition. of course we always want to get better but sometimes appreciating how far you have come is also very important so you can see what you are working for, And I have come far. 😏 this is what fitness is about, It's for everyone, every body type and also for your over all well being  #remeberthat Last night instead of comparing my self to other women.  #shamefully Instead of looking at the fat on my body, I looked at my shape what is mine the progress in the areas I have worked on, and made. And for those moments I was satisfied it was a nice feeling. Because if we do not take moments to appreciate how far we have come then why are we doing it. 🀷 There is a lot of work to be done and i plan on doing it, and enjoying the long process πŸ˜‰ but I am starting to accept my body and that's when a woman is truly standing in her power 😁 when she stops comparing herself to anyone and accepts what she has been given and makes the most of it πŸ’ƒπŸ’ͺ instagram is great just don't get wrapped up in it.  #instadaily  #fitness  #progress  #personaltrainer  #women  #monday  #motivation  #own  #sucess  #jorney  #reflection  #intagood  #real  #gold  #dressup  #pt  #curves  #shape  #hotelhoping  #youtuber
@boss_gill [16.10.2017 13:19:28]
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@killa_cammy89 [16.10.2017 14:33:43]
You look gorgeous babe xxx
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@lisajaynept2016 [16.10.2017 15:00:28]
@killa_cammy89 awwww thanks girl I miss you. XXXXZ
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@killa_cammy89 [16.10.2017 16:48:39]
@lisajaynept2016 let me know when you are free and we will sort something xx
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@lisajaynept2016 [16.10.2017 16:57:52]
@killa_cammy89 defo just snowed at the min but your a priority πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜˜
@sj.kabodicoach [17.10.2017 03:39:41]
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