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@mom_in_dubai: Why do my eyes disappear into squints when I smile. Its like I have no eyeballs. Normally I wouldn't complain but I don't like it especially when I have bothered with eye makeup. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ any tips to avoid it 😒😒  #squintyeyesproblem  #noeyeballs  #makeupnomakeup  #dresslikeamom  #momunited  #dubaimom  #dubaistreetstyle  #dubaifashion  #skirts  #loveyourself  #instamom  #instafashion  #fashion  #stylish  #outfitpost  #outfitoftheday  #instadaily  #instagood  #momindubai  #momofboy  #ff  #likeforlike  #instafollow  #tagsforlikes  #followback  #love  #instagood  #photooftheday  #tbt  #missselfridgeme  #adstreetstyle
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@mom_in_dubai [09.10.2017 15:48:50]
@mommywifeyblog_ when I dont smile people assume I'm mad about something. I have a very serious face when I dont smile.
@asmasalman2017 [09.10.2017 15:58:03]
OMG looks amazing β™₯️
@mommywifeyblog_ [09.10.2017 15:58:33]
@mom_in_dubai you're gorgeous the way you are. Seriously. 😍❀😘
@sarahslifestylediary [09.10.2017 16:38:05]
Hehe looking lovely πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
@dubaiworld95 [09.10.2017 17:52:38]
Hahah lines😁 but still you look amazingπŸ’“πŸ’“
@vintageteapotqueen [09.10.2017 18:25:07]
Are you kidding? Your smile is beautiful mashaAllah 😍😍😍
@kiddiepedia [10.10.2017 03:37:25]
Such a pretty picture! Love the skirt ❀️😊
@and_then_there_were_2_ [10.10.2017 04:34:54]
Oh my word I have the same problem! Let me know if you figure out a solution!
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 05:54:07]
@asmasalman2017 thanks hun
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 05:54:20]
@sarahslifestylediary Thanku My friend. ❀❀
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 05:54:57]
@dubaiworld95 i would think they are wrinkles but i think i still have time for them
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 05:55:16]
@vintageteapotqueen thank you so much. You say nicest things amd make my day
@dubaicitychic [10.10.2017 05:56:51]
So funny but I looks stunning!! Xx
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 05:57:02]
@and_then_there_were_2_ hahaha, i think we shud start wearing white eye pencils. It will make us look like witches for sure but the problem will be solved
@mumzynotebook [10.10.2017 06:57:17]
You look wonderful. Don't worry about the eyes. The more we get to see your eye shadow!
@and_then_there_were_2_ [10.10.2017 07:03:20]
@mom_in_dubai 🀣🀣🀣
@thediaryofamom [10.10.2017 07:32:13]
Haha...I go through the same problem...πŸ˜’ in btw looking gorgeous
@starsinthedesert [10.10.2017 08:38:37]
I tend to squint in sunlight too...never get good pics in natural light
@notjustamommydxb [10.10.2017 08:50:09]
One of my favorite skirts from shein. Looking lovely.
@desert_mum [10.10.2017 11:16:38]
Oh that handbag againπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆβ˜ΊοΈ one picture more and I need to buy it🀣
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 12:47:09]
@kiddiepedia thanku
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 12:47:19]
@dubaicitychic Haha! Thanks
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 12:47:40]
@mumzynotebook Haha, I Guess so 🀣🀣
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 12:48:02]
@thediaryofamom Aww yea ive seen it in your pics too. Thanks
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 12:48:17]
@starsinthedesert Sunglasses To The Rescue
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 12:48:29]
@notjustamommydxb Thanku babes
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 12:48:39]
@amynahi19 Thanks Girl
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@mom_in_dubai [10.10.2017 12:49:24]
@desert_mum Hahaha! No gain without pain. Thats how i got it πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
@love_life_littleone [10.10.2017 14:03:06]
That's because you smile from your eyes too. I won't change it at all
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@nia_mayflow [13.10.2017 08:42:20]
You look fantastic my dear! And the wrinkles of laughter are the most beautiful ones 😘😘😘😘
@nailajavedkhan4 [14.10.2017 04:46:29]
U r an amazing personality sweety
@amreenzd [16.10.2017 04:06:02]
I really like the skirt.. frm whr i can buy? Nd ur dressing is too classy nd soberπŸ‘πŸ»
@styledbymaryam3 [16.10.2017 08:07:47]
Love this ❀️😍
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@kajaldiaries [19.10.2017 08:13:43]
So pretty πŸŒΈπŸ’•
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@majdykhan [19.10.2017 09:21:39]
You look so beautiful 😍
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@mom_in_dubai [19.10.2017 09:30:30]
@amreenzd thanku darling. Its available at @sheinofficial
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@mom_in_dubai [19.10.2017 09:30:42]
@nia_mayflow ❀❀
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@mom_in_dubai [19.10.2017 09:30:53]
@majdykhan Thanks Babes
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@mom_in_dubai [19.10.2017 09:31:00]
@styledbymaryam3 Thankuuu Dear
@mahrukhhj [19.10.2017 21:42:38]
Effortless and beautiful! MashAllah
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