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@alphabroker_mentoring: We predict that 20-25% of older male Brokers, due to changes in processes and technology, may decide to retire or move onto something else by 2022 A lot of this is due to Brokers who are saying, “I’ve worked for myself, I’ve been successful, I’ve got a good trail, maybe it’s time to work for someone else, do 3 days a week and become a Recreational Broker.” To read the full article go to  #mortgagebroker  #financebroker  #mentoring  #alphabroker  #MFAA  #thoughtleaders  #retirement  #successionplanning
@usmarketinggroup [25.09.2017 02:31:37]
love your feed
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@alphabroker_mentoring [25.09.2017 02:41:30]
@usmarketinggroup hey thanks heaps 😊😊🙏
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